Publications in Marathi

• Bahina – Monthly magazine for rural women focusing on social issues withinformation on women’s rights, accessing rights, articles on agriculture and livelihood options.

• Comrade Shankar GuhaNiyogi – A book on mining issues and the struggle for rights of mining labourers in Chattisgarh.

• AmcheSheth, AmcheVidyapeeth – A book onorganic farming practiced by small farmers from Sangamner block.

• KrushakNondi – Farmer’s diary to maintain records of expenditure incurred and income earned from agricultural activities.

• Karyakarta – Compilation of narratives on Late NitinGadekar, social workerwith LokPanchayat.

• Surtaal – Compilation of songs by children.

• Surparambya – Games traditionally played by children from rural Maharashtra.

• ShodhMulanche – Collection of findings by children from Sangamner.

• BhrashtcharalaGadaycha – Collection of songs against corruption (CD available).

• Nava Nagara – Collection of songs to create awareness on social issues.

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