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In the year 1992, Maharashtra faced a severe drought which prompted the Government of Maharashtra to launch the ‘Ideal Village Development Programme’ with water conservation as the core activity. The same year also commemorated the golden jubilee year of the Quit India Movement. This formed the background for a group of young social activists to establish LokPanchayat that would focus on social reawakening among rural communities.

In the year 1993, LokPanchayat was established. Work began with as a voluntary initiative for watershed development in one village by the young social activities. LokPanchayat has gradually launched a set of key initiatives focusing on revival and promotion of sustainable farming practices, bio-diversity conservation, women’s empowerment, enterprise development and liberal school education in rural schools.

LokPanchayat is a non-profit organization registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 on the date 11/01/1993 having registration number MAH/2470/Ahmednagar.

Foreign contribution Regulation Act 1976 on the date 28/01/1998 having registration No.- 083720086

80 G registration : PN/CIT-I/12A(a)/80G/333 2008-09/3948

Objectives :

• Preventing degradation of natural resources and conservation of bio-diversity
• Facilitating revival and extension of sustainable farming practices
• Promoting off-farm and non-farm livelihood options
• Building farmers organizations enabling better access to markets
• Mainstreaming gender in all the facets of development initiatives
• Providing shelter, legal aid and helping to rehabilitate women facing violence and neglect at the domestic level
• Encouraging alternative teaching approaches in the rural educational system by creating space for self directed learning and creativity
• Protecting child rights and prevention of child labour
• Empowering the village community to participate in local self governance

The objectives are achieved through the collective action of people by promoting and building empowered people’s institutions.

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