Kala Manch (Cultural Troupe)

Kala Manch (Cultural Troupe) Raising awareness among people is critical in a process aimed at bringing about a social awakening. A band of talented singers, dancers and actors use their skills to spread knowledge, create awareness and also inspire people to address issues affecting society. This group has been active since 1993 and has been instrumental in giving strength to the movement of social justice, which is the core belief of LokPanchayat.

Conservation of the environment, Panchayat Raj and its clauses, Need for literacy, girls right to education, Sustainable agriculture are some topics from a huge repertoire of songs, dances and skits.

Performing at village meetings, marches, social and religious functions the artists of Kala Manch practice regularly to reach out and stimulate thought among people for a better and just society.

Members of Kala Manch have toured across Maharashtra performing to spread the message of water and soil conservation, eradication of corrupt practices and other burning issues afflicting society.

Preservation and promotion of traditional cultural art forms is one of the objectives of this forum.

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